Edition a Piacere

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Available works

in EaP K0398:
Pieces of Comfort and Sorrow op.107

in EaP SV104:
Intermezzo nr.1 op.104
Intermezzo nr.2 op.104
Intermezzo nr.3 op.104
Intermezzo nr.4 op.104
Intermezzo nr.5 op.104

in EaP SV110:
Sonate nr.1 op.110

in EaP SV111:
Nocturne no.1 op.111
Nocturne no.2 op.111
Nocturne no.3 op.111

in EaP SVSW19:
Albumleaf op.96
Habanera op.101
Passacaglia op.97
Passepied op.98
Pastorale op.99
Pastorale op.78
Prelude op.93
Waltz op.109

Sander Vermeulen

About the composer

Although first and foremost a composer, Sander Vermeulen was forced by the general lack of funding for the Arts in The Netherlands to pursue a different career to be able to make a living. After his studies at the Utrecht Conservatory under Marc van Vught and Henk Alkema, he studied law and currently works in the Intellectual Property legal industry. Music is never far away though, and to this day a regular stream of new compositions is produced every year.

About the music

Starting writing music at the age of 9, the list of works from Sander Vermeulen is extensive. The focus is mostly on works for piano, but a selection of works for other instruments is available. At Edition a Piacere some of his most important works are published. A full list of works can be found on his website.


Website Sander Vermeulen
YouTube-channel Sander Vermeulen