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Information on our composers

We have created information pages on the backgrounds of the composers which music is published by Edition a Piacere. You can browse through our listing below and access their personal pages with information, links and resources.


A.H. Amory


Dutch composer living and working in the city of Arnhem. Student of Hendrik Meijroos, but mostly self-taught.


Carl Filtsch


Young talent from Romania, who studied with Frederic Chopin and unfortunately died before his 15th birthday.


Kor Kuiler


The conductor who brought many large scale works of others to the Dutch city of Groningen, was also a talented composer.


F.J. Palmboom Jr


Dutch organ player and self-taught composer, before W.W. II mostly known for his children's songs written for Dutch radio.


Catharina van Rennes


Dutch composer and singing instructor, worked mostly for and with children.


Sander Vermeulen


Dutch composer who studied at the Utrecht Conservatory under Henk Alkema. As a pianist, his music focuses on pieces for piano.