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Activities suspended

February 25, 2022

Due to changes in the work-life balance, we are forced to suspend the work on new sheet music for now.

We will continue, but it is not possible to say when this will be. Meanwhile all sheet music on the website remains available and can be ordered while stock lasts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to finish many of the works in progress in the future!

Please find our previous news items below.

Slowly, work on the Edition a Piacere collection is picked up again! The "piano fairytale" Heidekoninginnetje (Queen of the Heath) by Catharina van Rennes has been scored and we are making last changes and corrections.

Originally, this piece aimed at a young audience was preformed with a pianist and a storyteller. We have reduced the score to the (more or less complete) piano pieces describing several parts of the story. In the score, pieces of text are added to make it possible to follow the story. It is quite a simple story and the focus of this publication will be mostly on the nice piano music.

We are very happy to have started again. There is a lot more exciting music waiting for publication and we hope to get working on that soon. Stay tuned!

The after-the-summer madness has begun at our day jobs. So unfortunately, other work keeps us busy and there is little time to work on new music. We will have to postpone much of our planned publications.

Meanwhile, we keep discovering new works. Sometimes really bad music, of which it is unclear why it was even published. We will try to keep track of the works we try, to prevent running into bad music we tried before. Luckily, most of the works we find are worth investigating. We will update the website when we have more news!

Summertime is here, so naturally the work on new publications slows down a bit. However, we have a lot of interesting publications lined up! In the near future we will be publishing some beautiful 15th century music, music by Catharina van Rennes, the Miniatures of Kor Kuiler and later in the year also his beautiful Piano sonata. And there is still more to come! There is so much we found that it will take us some time to process. Stay tuned!

For all these new publications you can not see, but are in the works, we have updated the website with the "In preparation" category so you can easily track what is about to come in the near future.

The previous months we have also been looking for ways to add more recordings to our publications, to give you an impression of the pieces we publish. At this moment, most of our publications have a recording present. We are working on improving the sound quality and performance quality.

The upcoming months we will be focussing on the earlier mentioned "local heroes" project, starting with the composers mentioned in the streetnames of the Alteveer and Cranevelt neighborhoods in the city of Arnhem. We are looking into several works of Bernard Zweers, Richard Hol, Jan Brandt Buys, Peter van Anrooy and Catherina van Rennes to see if there are works we want to publish.

Also, we are taking time to explore possibilities to organize local concerts starting September or later. These would not only serve as a platform for promoting the music that we publish, it will also offer musicians a new stage after this long COVID-period.

Lastly, this month also sees the publication of three brand new Nocturnes by Sander Vermeulen, completed last month. These relaxing pieces are perfectly suitable for playing on a summer evening!

Today we are proud to annouce a truly unique publication of Six Mazurkas by Dutch composer Kor Kuiler! Until recently, these wonderful piano pieces were only available in handwritten manuscript. We have been working very hard to make them readable for the general public as soon as possible.

Dating from the last years of the composers' life, these Mazurkas are a great accomplishment in the musical output by Kuiler. Feeling like a crossover between Chopin and Richard Strauss, their execution is demanding, but the diligent student will certainly be rewarded for his or her efforts.

Today, the May-issue of De Orgelvriend came out with an article about composer F.J. Palmboom jr. You can find a preview of the May-issue here. Apart from this article, also Interludium no.1 is printed and our recent publication of the Twelve Selected Interludiums is also reviewed. More information on De Orgelvriend is available on their new website.


The preparations for reaching out to young composers nearly have been concluded. If all goes well, we will be contacting several music schools this month. Also, a specific webpage for applying to be published at Edition a Piacere is in the works. This way we can also guide and inform composers who find us online.

Further, a new project for searching forgotten music has caught our attention. In Dutch cities, there is usually a neighborhood in which the streets are named after composers. Of course, most streets are named after the really famous ones. But we found that sometimes, "local heroes" also make it to a street sign. At this moment, we are researching names and possibilities, because finding a name and then finding (nice) music is not always that easy. This will be an ongoing activity, our Composers section will reflect who we found and our Collection will show their music! Should you have any suggestion for a composer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Next month, we will do a new update on our progress!

The month of April sees the official publication of four works by the young Carl Filtsch, the Romanian talent who amazed the 19th century music scene with his piano playing and composing. After successes throughout Europe and having received promising reviews from people like Liszt and Chopin, Filtsch unfortunately died prematurely. His works reflect the composer he could have been, while still clearly juvenile in character. Read about him in the Composers section.

Somewhere in the upcoming months Edition a Piacere will be featured in "De Orgelvriend", a Dutch magazine for organ players, in which our recent publication of the Interludiums by F.J. Palmboom Jr. will be reviewed. Also, a short article will be published, written by the grandson of the composer, giving a short introduction to his grandfather.

Regarding our activities for Edition a Piacere, we are planning to reach out to young composers who would like to be published on our website. A lot of preparations are underway to make this possible, we will regularly update on our progress.

After long preparations, the website of Edition a Piacere has finally launched. The first scores are added, among which some fine music by F.J. Palmboom and Sander Vermeulen. Soon these two composers will be joined by Carl Filtsch, with more to come in the near future. There are still some parts of the website that need finishing, but we are happy to be in business.

Starting today, we will regularly post interesting news on our collection and activities in this section. The Home-button above will take you to our current collection, divided into three sections: the new releases, the full collection and our search options. As mentioned before, we also have a page were you can find more information on the composers which are published through Edition a Piacere. This section is under development, we are gathering relevant information as we speak. Finally, you can reach us for comments, questions and orders through the contact form, or by sending us an email.

We will return soon with more information on our future plans for Edition a Piacere.